Reviews for "Fenceline"

Wow thats exactly what it looked like when i moved out of my moms place.... but seriously I really enjoyed this piece with my eye holes. Thanx

It's so pretty, dude! Zooming up close, there is so much to look at. The pattern-y textures create a lot of visual interest, and I like that you can have such a unique style in a medium that many disregard to be bland and with nothing to offer. I want to see a big vast 'painting' done in this style - like if you did an entire city or something. It would be really interesting to see a comic in this style as well. I want more! GIVE ME MORE, DAMMIT. Also, I like the pattern of the chimney smoke.

I LOVE this style of pixel art, very sword&sworcery-esque. I can just image how epic this scene would look in a fully fleshed game. n_n

Nice design! I really enjoy your style of art.

its seed eater PS.look him up