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Reviews for "Hemiji"

Very nice, probably one of your best works, it just seems like the posing and all is correct, colors are nice and soft, and it has neat shading. Good job.

bocodamondo responds:

thanks but i dont give a F))) about the linerart or positions here.
the only thing importing for me here is if that coloring methode is good or not ^^

es hermosaaa its beatifull

I like the coloring in this picture, I actually watch Baka and Test so it's kinda cool to see some good fanart of Himeji. Keep on improving.

OMG! NO! This couldn't be made by you! :D
Are you kidding? This new coloring method is so awesome! Remember when you said you were jealous of ZakkVanBurace because of coloring and line art? Well now you can't miss! YOU CAN'T MISS!!! XD

bocodamondo responds:

we'll see about that. im still not finished yet. this was just test 1. im going to check out more tutorials for more improvement