Reviews for "Final Fantasy Online"

i liked it

i enjoyed that flash alot, i feel its underrated... goodluck with your next one.


it was cool to see those old FF characters again (even though there on Ng all of the time) the movie was good but i think you should have introduced more characters you know so kinda make it funnier if you were to make a game one this it would be realatively cool honsestly I thought you were going to do a spoof on FF11 (the online game of FF) as you see im kind of a big fan alright well keep up the good work (hope you read this and tell me something)

Tomala responds:

Um ok Ill take that to mind when i make the second one

all together it was pretty good

i think the music was awesome but i must complain about stick death thing, no offense but i found it not insulting to stick death. the rest of it is pretty funy tho, keep up the gud work.

Tomala responds:

It didnt have anything to do with stickdeath.com. Stick Death: Tournament was just the tournaments name

5 out of 5

It wasn't the greatest movie have ever seen, but it did have good music. Also it was creative and there was a lot of work put into it. Good job.

Tomala responds:

You got that right, i did work hard on it

Hell yeah

Hell yeah I loved it ^^ If I could I would give like....a 50...I dont know....Keep up ze workz!Good msuic and good graphics is there gonna be a sequel....by chance...?

Tomala responds:

Yes by the way things are going i might make a sequel