Reviews for "Final Fantasy Online"


besides the crappiness of it being a sprite-based movie...it had many flaws. you do know that on console games, like it showed that this was, that you can't hack a server and change game mechanics, right?

Tomala responds:

yes i know, but not every movie is realistic. You just have to ignore that fact and enjoy the movie


LOL this is great lol sry guys was afk thing was good lol A 1000000

well done

excellent work on the movie. I was very pleased with the game to game transitions. I saw a lot of work put into it. Really nice job. Kinda reminded me of the flash series "Links Quest for Ass" but definately not a rip-off by any means. I hope ya make more!


it was okay, except the ending sucked, they could have just stepped on that tiny pig and kill him

just awesome

well i love final fantasy, so this was of course, great. points there. good style, with the online thing, very good, very good. the music was great choices, very fitting. violent? just enough, funny with scorpion and all. plus it was just really funny. im dissapointed nobody lagged out, nobody else came in and spammed, which woulda been funny. the stick fight was adequet, but everything else was good. hope u do make the sequel, it would be awesome!