Reviews for "Final Fantasy Online"

6 without scorpion

MK is good

Sorry guys i was afk..

yeah that was cool when is FFO#2 will be out man?


Ha Ha, this clip is funny. Great sound great violence, I loved it. The only thing i didn't like was the ending. I can't wait for your next clip and keep up the good work.


pretty good, the ending kinda sucked i was expecting something better but i love how u made fun of some of the worthless games in this world

Good Job!

Yo, you gotta tell me where you got all of that music and those sprites. What's your AIM or MSN?

Tomala responds:

my aim sn is LayZGuyTillIDie
My msn is tomalajr@hotmail.com

If you want i can help you and teach you to get better in flash, im already teaching one guy