Reviews for "Final Fantasy Online"

Pretty Funny

It would've also been funny if at the ending they started talking about how even though they were still pigs they were bigger than the hacker and they crushed him.
Anyway good job and good luck on the next one!

"Don't forget to vote 5".... -_-

A just above average Flash but hardly worthy of top marks. The whole plot just seemed dumb, but in the movies partial defence the random mario world cameo and the way Scorpion got owned made me crack a smile. The rest was just random insanity and the problem with randomity in Flash movies is if it doesn't make the audience laugh it fucks up most of the movie...

it's good

here's a pointer,make the intro less time consumeing...
alot of movies are blammed for little problems like this...

Tomala responds:

I just made it a little longer so they can enjoy the song

...Or Shaq

Liked the varied music, and well all of it. You've got a nice sense of humor. Now... MAKE MORE YOU MONKEY-F$%K!


This was very funny all though i had to keep stoping it to read all the dialect but out of all this was a ok show