Reviews for "Final Fantasy Online"

Good or great

Great clip except that you are having no more other scenes you should probably notify us when the next clip of this will come out.

F*cking FUNNY

This was fricken funny lol I laughed pretty hard when the mortal combat dude got punked in his balls. lol


I have to agree with that other guy, the ending was pretty bad. but other then that i enjoyed the rest of the movie,..

what the hell?

they didn't kill the hacker?! they got turned into pigs?! they...uhh...um...damn it... ... ...i...forgot what i was supposed to (say)write...any ways, vote 5?! not even worth it, this makes shit look good cause of the ending...why didn't they even try to kill the hacker?! even if they were turned pigs! so what!?

god that ending sucked...everything was good, until the end of this "cartoon".


they should have fort the haker