Reviews for "Final Fantasy Online"

Great Job

I have no idea why this is almost blamed. Someone must like on-line finalFantasy a bit to much. None the less great work, great style and very funny! I look forward to more of your work, so stop being lazy damit!

Tomala responds:

ahaha yea thanks for the comment. Dont worry, expect great things in my next flash and even greater in the second part to ffo


A nice one. I especially liked the ending. lol.

Tomala responds:

Wow thanks man, makes you the first to like the ending


it's good and long. i didn't like the end though... it was unexpected but not funny :( anyway funny movie. keep up the good work

I gave you a 5

Just because you had Rob Zombie - Dragula in it. ;)

Oh, the movie was nice as well.

i usualy hate sprite flashes

but i thought this one was highly amusing. most i find boring no matter what but i liked what you did with the music in all the scenes and the plot wasnt boring. i also liked the 1's and 0's