Reviews for "Final Fantasy Online"


that was one of the coolest funniest flashes ever.

Tomala responds:

Thanks, im glad you think that way

this is good

but how old is this man"if the first one is a hit"? oh well it was still good

Tomala responds:

This is the first one, so if this one is a hit Ill make a second. Thats what I meant

funny shit XD

i loved that reminded me of tibia and runescape XD

rarely play those any more :(

Tomala responds:

yea ive played both, but i got bored of em lol


that was the best flash i have seen in a month hope ya get on the front page. good luck and make another ok


Tomala responds:

Wow, thanks dude. That really means alot

I liked it.

I would like to see the next one, I really liked it. I laughed the entire time. Oh and good music too, you know a flash will be good when it starts with MSI.

drop me a line when the next one comes out please.

*Third Person Shooters, the only fun games you can play online.*

Tomala responds:

YEA YEA! Mindless Self Indulgence KICKS ASS!!!!