Reviews for "Final Fantasy Online"

erm why is the score 2. something?

This flash was funny, it had some real good style, it had pretty good sound, and although the graphics weren't amazing I do not see how it got the score it has

Not that great, but good none the less

The ending was very anti-climactic. Your idea was good except a few parts wern't that funny when you were trying to be. I still liked this movie anywaay and I await your sequal.


niceeeeeeeeeeeee luc the hacker and tomala lol goodlob keep it up

Tomala responds:

lol you mustve been so happy that you couldnt type right lol. Just kidding, thanks for the comment


very good nice work


I liked the movie, especially the last scene with the hacker. Good job!

Tomala responds:

he he thanks, 10111101 0101 1101 101