Reviews for "Final Fantasy Online"


This is one of the better sprites out there. Great job.

Online gaming = fun

Overall, it was subpar, but otherwise it was the funniest thing I've seen today! So..


Lol! This was sweet! Frickin' hilarious!

Nice man. Nice

Stupid ugly piece of shit, you stole this from "DarkAssailant" my other account. Well done! And you did a crap job on it too, highly unimpressive. Not funny at all you ass-licker.

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- FinalDarkAssailant

Tomala responds:

Ive never heard of your flash in my life, if you really have one like mine then post it today for everyone to see. If its not uploaded today than your full of shit.

Not bad

Was pretty good, I loved the part where he was like "sorry guys i was AKF" then the hacker gets pissed. Make FFO2!