Reviews for "A DCK Tribute"

well it seems somthing that the dck crew would do

but there a few problems klunk never smiles and it was too short but mabe if u did somthing origenal it would be funny and u could become populer like dck so good luck on future projects

A fine work from a Fan

The only real main problem here is that Klunk hardly smile, or taunt, so it was little messed up a, but a fine job

Fun :)

Seeing one of my favourite artists make a tribute to another one of my favourite artists is swell :) nice work


The movie was kinda cool but more boring then cool.

I like your stuff

You know what? Adam can do better than Stacy. I mean yeah, it must be hard being an Andriod and all, but seriously!

You did aweosome with sound as usual, your graphics need some spiffying especially when they talk. Overall enjoyable.