Reviews for "A DCK Tribute"

Like it, or lump it

I likeed it very much!
nice use of classical music.
keep up the good work.
(p.s. I just can't stop watching Joan and Mark!)
Well, I just wanted to say, I love all your cartoons.


well it was not really a tribute but ok,and the moral really is not porn ends friendships its beat the heck out of the of the other dude get it and lock ur self in the restroom and say ur stomch hurts.


..... it was ok i guess

all i must say is...

lol. im sure cycon is proud.

Awesome... (WHAT?!? to previous)

I quote: but there a few problems klunk never smiles and it was too short but mabe if u did somthing origenal it would be funny and u could become populer like dck so good luck on future projects

What is WRONG with you? HotDiggedyDemon IS popular! Jeez... The Maxwell Edison Story is like a fave of mine! Gaaaawd. -_-

Anyway, another great submission from the Demon. Even for a tribute. :P