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Reviews for "The Hammer Game 2"

Pretty fun little game.

But in real life I could stand in a box and hit a gollfball up in the air with a hammer many more times than I can in this game. So the game is a little unrealistic. Just kidding, 5/5.


addicting fun

AttackingHobo responds:

phunploashion of addicting fun!

It ain't my cup of tea but....

Ok I did try it out and It was hard for me and I am a hardcore gamer! I liked it but I did not love it. The music was a major turnoff and the graphics were not the greatest I have seen. But this is a good game and I recommend it to anyone looking for a change and a hard game to beat. Props and keep it coming.

Trippy game.

Nice tune choice. Fun "peanut gallery" commentary when scored. Efforts well spent friend! Thanks.

AttackingHobo responds:

Thanks for the good rating