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Reviews for "The Hammer Game 2"

You have a few things to work on here.

The hammer still won't show up untill after the golf ball. Other than the hammer and golf ball, the graphics weren't that great. Sound was okay, you may want to consider a different music loop. I hope that Hammer Game version 2.0 will work out better. Don't get me wrong, this is plenty of fun. A little extra detail here and there couldn't hurt, is all.


its a realy good game if your realy board.... ;P

AttackingHobo responds:

Yep, its an ani-boredom device.


Original concept, but only held my attention for about three rounds. Might have been because I sucked at it.

AttackingHobo responds:

You could have ajusted the difficulty, and then you could have played longer.


It isn't bad, but not good. Sometimes when I hit it, the game stopped and said I missed. And sometimes the hammer doesn't show up when you start until it's to late. Pretty catchy idea though...


You can't program for sh*t... I would like the game if the script wasn't so messed up