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Reviews for "BEDN: All Your Accounts 2"

Lets go over this again.

I saw the fuckin clockcrew thing and blammed it on the spot. I will never understand you people's diehard fascination to the clocks.
Whatever. To each his own. I mean, I listen to music most of you never have heard of. All of it from overseas.
Its a matter of taste. You guys ARE good at the animating crap ( kind of ). So you should try some new shit. The voices make me go nuts.
Theyre crap. Oh well. I aint apologizing.
When the HELL is Claveman 2/5 coming out?????~~

smoke break

DarkArchon responds:



Youink is gawnna cries whe he saw these!!1

DarkArchon responds:

Can we still be friends? :(


That was great, one of the best ever. I'm glad you decided to use one of mine. The setup and speed of the slideshow in it was awesome, and the all your base r in the begining was great. Awesome main screen with all the yoinks and whatnot going by, and I realy liked how you incorperated bedn epoligiezes into it. Good job.

DarkArchon responds:

Thanks! It took allot of work


Love those photoshop Bedn contests. =D Good work.

I was hoping to see some of my own work in there though... oh well, maybe next time. =)

DarkArchon responds:

The shops from this movie werent the ones from the contest.

Thanks for participating in the contest!

Guess it was Okay..

There was a lot of pictures in there I had never even seen in the Bedn contest Topic in the BBS Forums...and a lot of good entries I had seen weren't in there.

DarkArchon responds:

Thanks :)