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Reviews for "Arenas"


data777 responds:

yep thanks

That creepy old man very much reminds me of Stephen GammellâEU~s illustrations, the ones he did for those âEUoeScary Stories to Tell in the DarkâEU books. And I guess next to him isâEU¦ Aboobis?

data777 responds:

he make great art ! thanks to leaned him !

yeah it's like an women anubis.

nice art.I realy like your style i hope to see more of you

data777 responds:

i will !

That dude is about to be slaughtered by that minotaur! So, this looks amazing. Totally reminds me of Frank Frazetta or Boris Vallejo. The lighting is almost perfect, though I would say this could use some more areas of just pure black. My major complaint about this piece though, is that it looks WAY too Photoshoppy. That top left corner really stands out for me as having that generic Photoshop look. Other than that, it looks amazing. Great work.

data777 responds:

Ha ! thanks for the critic about photoshop, you're right.
Frazetta is some kind of a master for me. I loved to hear his name about my work.

You should make one for DotA as well :)

data777 responds:

You're not the first to tell me that hehe ! thanks