Reviews for "Gigantic soundboard!"


i want a sound board of casino!!!..

you hear a little girl? eh u hear a little girl? wheres that big fucker who was tellin my friend to go fuck himself eh?

Darwin7 responds:

Well, lucky for you... I ADDED A CASINO SECTION!!! I like that movie anyway so I figured what the hell! Cheers!

very good

nice work, bet it took while to put this together, I want to make a Dave Chapelle soundboard

Darwin7 responds:

Thank you very much. I REALLY appreciate it. I think I might work on a Dave Chappelle soundboard. Yeah, I think I'll start on that right now...

Learn to spell!

Use spell check before submitting crap!

Darwin7 responds:

Eat my ass.

u put alot of work into it

unlike the last guy i dont think images affect a sound board
but i dint give you a five BECAUSE, there is no way one can make a decent prank call with this. try to stick with one theme. refine your woork. but gud job none the less

Darwin7 responds:


Man, I love cartoons

But you could have had more sound choices in some of the shows.