Reviews for "Gigantic soundboard!"

definately a great soundboard

That is an awesome sound board. I am a big fan of alot of those older cartoons especially since I grew up in my early teen year with ren & stimpy and a few of the others there it RAWKED. NARF! LOL hey if there is a way to download some of those sound bites to use for my computer sounds please letme know.

Darwin7 responds:

Hey, thanks. I like them alot to nostalgic value. All I did was search on google, they are not that hard to find. Cheers!


This is a decent sound board... The graphics weren't great... actually they were pretty bad. It was fairly well done, but when making a soundboard you have to think of the overall practical use. Most soundboards are created for the purpose of prank calling, but where in a prank call could one use any of those phrases? You dont even have greetings like "Hey" or "Hello". Overall, I wouldn't call it an AMAZING sound board.


not too good or bad, in the middle

Nutin' too new

yeah... nothin new and not very funny or useful for prank calls... plus its from really old cartoons

in other words: not very good

fix it

there are problems too numerous to list with this thing.
aside from that, it's another fking soundboard.
no skill involved.
and you still failed.

Darwin7 responds:

You know, you're right... all the flash you've made is loads better... oh wait... you haven't made any. Bitch, shut the fuck up! You don't know how hard it it making flash, damn. When you make when then call me.