Reviews for "Gigantic soundboard!"

Not sure what it is for

I gave it a four based on the Nostalgia factor. Other than that I can't figure out why I would want this or what I would use it for.

Darwin7 responds:

To listen to.

not good

i think this was not such a great idea to make. why would any one want to see sound board with stuff from sources totally unrelated.

Darwin7 responds:

Eat my ass

they dont have to be for prank phone calls

they dont have to be for prank phone calls, sometimes it's just fun to sit in the cubicle, turn the volume and play a line from a movie, this wasnt that bad. wasnt that good, but average

Darwin7 responds:

Exactly. It doesn't have to be used for prank calls. Good insight skk


I dont know if you realize what soundboards are used for. ANyhow they are used for making prank calls a good example of this is on ebaumsworld
Especially the pulp fiction sounds in which ebaumsworld already did. If you go to the site you see what im talking about. These soundboards wouldn't be able to be used in making prank calls cause they have pauses in between them and theres no possible way to use them in making calls.
Nice try though..
But thats just what I think.....:)
0 out of ****

Darwin7 responds:

Ummm... I don't know if you realize that they don't STRICTLY HAVE TO BE USED FOR PRANK PHONE CALLS! What the fuck? I don't know what you are talking about, sound bites are to be listened to. Like in this soundboard.


It wasn't all that great in the visual presentation but, the humor made up for it. Nice job!

Darwin7 responds:

Hey, thanks a lot bro. Oh and the visual presentation got me an A in my computers class PLEASE BELIEVE ME