Reviews for "Gigantic soundboard!"

I love you.

Good sound Board.


Darwin7 responds:

Thanks... I'm glad you liked it...


sound board...too big...head...hurts...

Darwin7 responds:

Hehe, thanks man. I'm glad you liked it. ;^) -D7

ya messed up

on the resivoir dogs soundboard every quote u said was by eddie was by joe. get ur quotes strait next time. it would also be nice if there was more mr. pink and mr. blonde lines. other then that it was good.

Darwin7 responds:

Oh my God! WHAT HAVE I DONE?!?!?!?!


not bad at all

Darwin7 responds:

Thanks, I'm glad you could enjoy it.


Good soundboard, but a lot of these are from old kid shows. Well, at least it isn't one of the thousands of The Simpsons soundboards, so I'll give it a bit higher. Good job.


Darwin7 responds:

Meh?... Meh?! Do you know how much blood and sweat I put into this fucking movie?! Do you have any FUCKING IDEA?!