Reviews for "Kung Fu - Remix"


This game totally rocks!! Thumbs up for Ironclaw!!

Kicked Butt

This game kicked so much butt. I remember seeing your Kung Fu series before. Those movies are old, but I did not know you still go on newgrounds.

Great game but controls aren't

attack keys and special keys are far in keyboard in battle its hard to look for keys, excellent game :)

Cool game. Not that hard compared to the classic.

I couldn't get the thing to load, so I went to your site and played it. Nice job on the crossovers.

Oh my goodness...

There are people giving this low scores because it doesn't load.... YOU PEOPLE ARE RETARDED. It works for everyone else, so it's obviously YOUR COMPUTER or newgrounds itself that is causing the problem, not this game, which is a brilliant piece of flash.. infact, the best game on newgrounds. So fix your fucking computer and then play the game, don't just give it a 0 because it doesn't load, fuckwit.