Reviews for "Kung Fu - Remix"

Its good, but kind of misleading

Its better than it was on NES! Kicking peoples heads off, with rock music, its awesome. But why is it rated M? I meen its certainly not E, but why M? Its not THAT bad...


this is truly amazing.

Great fun!

Love the pixel graphics and the gameplay is pretty awesome. I would've given it a ten if you didn't have to start the whole level again after getting defeated by the boss. Altogether the remix was great. Nice work!

Heres a strategy to beat megaman....

before u get to him make sure ur at least at or near
ok when "Tomas" is about to get slide kicked jump to where megaman was before he slides than when he charges his buster go the opposite side wait until the buster is near u jump over it when he goes in the air and jops the gutsman rocks look at the ground for a shadow if the rock is near you jump away it will most likely miss only WHEN It's near if not dodge when he comes down he will be tired for like 4 seconds take this chance to attack rinse and repeat and megaman should be no problem...


Excellent transposition of NIntendo 8-bit first fighting games... I liked it very much.