Reviews for "Kung Fu - Remix"

this game is awsome

Legendary game!

I thought the physic's of this game was going to be sleazy at first... But then as the more I played it, the more addicting it got! All in all "Legendary Game!"...10/10... :)!


I got 2 first boss and he has a stick i almost died so i ducked down and kicked his legs then i died for no reason and a screen came up saying ''Don't try to cheat''.Good game though exept for that.5/10.

lol megaman

this game was good. fun really! What i like the most is that megaman is in this game.
man- well?
megman-do u like my blue helement?
megaman- you bastard.

"Not bad"

But I don't get the point of megaman in the game though.