Reviews for "Bush Kerry Debate"

Huurah! Best poltical humor flash on the site!

This flash will be what future political comedys are or should be compared to in the future. Great. I was laughing my ass off the whole time. If you hate Bush, Kerry or both, you'll love this. Heck, if you breth air, you'll love this one. 10's every day!

chunky_viewer has the brains of a pidgeon.

Only idiot and religious losers vote Bush (Knowing Americans, I have no doubt that he will win the elections).

Very Funny

this is a very funny spoof of the presidential debate alot because of the good animtaion you made. GO JOHN KERRY!

Very nice

Very nicely done, the animation was very smooth, the sound perfect. Keep up the great work! Oh, and for all those whining because you are pro-bush or bla bla bla, I am pro-bush, and I don't complain. Loosen up a little hum? Humor is the ablity to laugh even at yourself, so just shut up already ok?

smoothest animation i have ever seen

beautiful smooth animation, great sound bites.