Reviews for "Bush Kerry Debate"

Pretty good.

It's pretty non-partisan and I find it funny. I liked the fact that all of the animation is your original stuff. Good job on that.


Like the graphics, nice work on the flash =)


this was horrible and you need to work on your graphics a lil more

yes, well-rounded like the other reviewer said.

Concept? They Both Suck...Like, Love it....We all know who we want to vote for and nobody will sway us.....Either George W. Bush, the man who might lead us to chaos and destruction...or Kerry, the man with no concept of what the President is required to do, who merely wants the title to get chicks, and use the government as his "Sugar Mamma"

See, Clinton and JKF were womanizers, but in retrospective, they were good Presidents.

This movie is so well rounded..... It showed them!

This showed how the presidents avtualy are...... One is an IDIOT, and the other one has no clue on what to say next. Its a very good video adn I liked it.