Reviews for "Bush Kerry Debate"

oh wow..

That was art... The characters where so nicely renderd...TRULY AN ARTIST... did you use middle ware?

Kerry Vs. Bush

Remember Rock the Vote!!!!!!!1

Great work!!

Hey man that was a great flash, i was wondering if you would be able to send me it for my media studies CPT, it would be very helpful.

Plz let me know if you would let me use it in a presentation

Solid Eight

It's true, and its funny because of that, this deserves a solid 8, it would be funnier if kerry kept saying he's a war hero lol

!What the hell was dat!

This is d worst fing ive eva seen on newgrounds... was that ment to be funny?? coz i could have swan that was total bollox... Omg Blam it proppa quick.. newgrounds is goin from bad to worse... Arg.. it was panties..