Reviews for "Bush Kerry Debate"


Loved the way they looked.


not as good or funny as yur other animations

Pretty decent.

Holy god, do Bush supporters really think none of Bush's policies are as bad as sending people to a private home to remove a non-citizen resident? Are you unaware of how many houses have actually been blown to pieces during this war (invasion put to the side for a moment)? Sorry to have left a review that mostly just responded to the one previous to it.

I thought the flash animation was pretty decent.

It's good

But whats with the Nazi=Bush? Oh I get it, it's backwards day! And Clinton didn't invade a home to retrieve a child who had every right to stay in the U.S.A.!! So far I haven't seen any Bush policy to rival private home invasion (as you can guess this pushed the wrong button with me).

Not bad...

I thought it was pretty well made. Nice graphics.