Reviews for "Bush Kerry Debate"

Oh Christ

That wasn't funny, but man was it friggin' awesome. Your art style is ridiculously cool, the lip syncing on the characters is so unimaginably perfect I want to crap my pants, and the sound was torn apart, spliced, and eaten alive for all to see in an epic display of flash mastery.

Bravo, friend. Bravo. You get a lozenge and a guitar for christmas.


That was one of the funniest things i think i've ever seen. The characatures were awesome. Animation was top-notch, and the audio was the icing on the cake.

Good summary

That was what was said in the actuall debate ( or at least what i herd) Keep up the good work

okay i thought it could have been alot better

your still one of my favorites for the super holiday friends

it was awsome

keep makin good cartoons