Reviews for "Bush Kerry Debate"

yay! I'm offended! :D

Everyone's offended! YAAAY Gotta love humor like that.

Keep up the good work. (rofl mex missages)

Mexed Missages

That was some nice work with editing the voices, I like your animation style as well, it reminds me of a UK satire show called 2D TV, or even Spitting Image. A minute was a bit short tho, I was just getting into it and then it ended.

Oh, and StevenHerman... "Facts are such stubborn things, aren’t they?", they are when you take them out of context and twist them beyaond all recognition to provide flimsy and circumstantial evidence linking Liberalism To Hitler and the Nazis. I mean if thats the game you want to play then I could point out that both Hitler and Bush have side partings in their hair, a 'fact' every bit as ridiculous as pointing out that both Hitler and some Liberals are vegetarian. Do you realise that even the famously humourless conservatives/ republicans laugh at people like you?


that was some cool animation

Yeah whatever stevenherman

One the great things about your country is the fact that the constitution gives people certain rights and freedoms. When you say that Kerry is more hitler-ish you're totally missing the mark. When Nazis in Germany came to power they immdeiately removed freedom of expression from the constitution, ultimately Mr Bush and Co desire by creation of these new freedom bills. I could go on about this but reckon thats this is not the time no the place to debate this (lets take it to forum biatch). Plus probably more people will wipe ur redneck, untravelled, unculture and uneducated ass to the curve.

As for the movie 3 words, Not long enough

good, but slow moving

keep up with the good work dude!!