Reviews for "Bush Kerry Debate"

AWESOME! the best thing i have ever seen!

ok, first of all, you had no bias of the presidents, you made fun of them both. secondly, that made me laugh. i watch south park and i dont laugh to often, so that is hard to do. you are my idol.

Support persident bush in his help tp america(kerry sucks!)!!

smoothest animation i have ever seen

beautiful smooth animation, great sound bites.

Nice Animation

I really liked the animation style and the clear cut editting of the audio clips.

And to Death_Cannon, Nazies were Facist, not communist. So it would work here.


great movie but wats with the nazi sign bush isnt a communist, every1 who knows anything about him knows that.

Good movie

Humor is not just on bush but on kerry 2 funny shit

Bush 04!!!!