Reviews for "This is Karen"

Marc M #16: Damn those are some hard nipples there

Whoa. His dad is the mustache-dude from two movies prior! Wheee.

For almost being a monologue on the dad's part... this was freakin' awesome. Testing the goods himself, eh... And what the hell was that weird burp-like noise he made before laughing and claiming it was a hidden camera show?

Stabbing his son's girlfriend was something I did not see coming, but in its similarity to German Love Song's ending... perhaps, in hindsight, I SHOULD have. #;-}>

WHy are people so mad this is front page?!

WHy are people mad this is fron page?! IF you don't think this is funny...... u r freakin reatarted, this is the funneist movie i have ever see non ng! WHo cares if it looks liek... crap.... lol.... it is soooooooo funny. HAHAHAHA! "HE's such kidder" " i have never been more serious in my life, i'm gonan rape you!" HAHAHAHAHAHA! soem poeple need to get sense of humors!

Did you see that?

Another outstanding piece of work form you. I don't know why you posted it on a separate account form your Marc M one, but that doesn't really mean anything.

Graphics - Like I've said before about your other movies, they're nothing worth mentioning, but that doesn't mean anything.

Sound - Good quality, good microphone, no sputtering, etc...

Humor - The only part that matters with your movies, and the only part really worth mentioning, which is why I basically just skipped through the other main parts. So far, you're unparallelled in the humor division of Newgrounds. I can't think of anyone who comes even remotely close. Every flash you have made on this account, and your other one are all hilarious (with the exception of Self Portrait, but that doesn't count) and pretty much the only thing I laugh at anymore on this site. When I want to laugh at something, I don't turn to any of that worthless crap by illwillpress or Legendary Frog, I go watch Geman Love Film.

This flash is just simply great. A father talking about raping his son's new girlfriend, passing it off as a hidden camera show, then stabbing her. All with that "just kidding!" attitude. There's just something funny about stabbing someone in the chest, then smiling like it was just a joke.

Good stuff indeed. 10/10 fo the review, 5/5 for the score...multiple times.


This was so funny....i dont know why people think its that sick. It is kinda, well, its not an ordinary situation, but the end just cracks me up. Keep up the good work. (Im tired of Nintendo fans voting 0 on really cool stuff)

This iz karen

it was awesome!! it waz kinda short though which suked!!