Reviews for "This is Karen"

it rocked!

that was hilarious. the sound quality was really good and the humor was great. the animation isnt as good as alot of things ive seen, but its a helluva lot better than alot of other flashes. to all those people who thought the animtion was crappy because he didnt feel like spending months on a flash that was made purely for the comedy:ive tried animating flash before. its hard as fuck to draw decently. so all those people who bitch about this movie, go make your own to blow this one away. if not, shut up leave the reviewing to people with a sense of humor


damn that shit was funny!!! make more!!

Stupid People

I liked this one. I don't know why its gotten such bad reviews. Its so completly random its funny, like "Lets Murder Mavis". Stupid people, I think it is because of you mentioned rape.


Just Brilliant, Dude That Was Fucking Awesome.
Keep Em Coming.

Loved it

I thought it was great. I can't get enough of when the dad says I'm gonna rape you.