Reviews for "Banana Fingers EP.4"


I agree with ELBlove7 about the ending. just didn't seem the Banana Fingers style. otherwise, hilarious.

LOL awesome!!!

9/10 because the graphics were not the best. But lol the funnyest yet!!!

This is godly

I first watched this episode and the rest of banana fingers at least 3 years ago. It was good to watch it today. funniest shit i ever seen in my life

HaHaHa! Best one yet!

Except for the end...you actually succeded in getting even more distrbing than salad fingers. That really didn't need to be in the movie.

fucking hilarious!

i laghed until i died and got reserected watched this video again died from laughter again. and then when i was about to be reserected again, the guy reserecting me saw this video and died laughing. AWESOME!