Reviews for "Banana Fingers EP.4"

Much Better

Your best one yet, just stop while your ahead though. The seinfeld thing was confusing, and not in the morbid and hilarious way Salad Fingers was.


Hahaha! I love this episode so much! The pauses in between his words are just hillarious! Please make more!


That was pretty damn funny. I dont see why people have a problem with Banana Fingers. Its just a parody of Saladfingers. If you dont like this then stop making parody's of other things. Quit being dumb.
Anyways It was funny. Keep up the good work.
-KayLee Babilon

lol ending

Why is everyone complaining about the ending? I personally thought it was good.
The whole thing was hilarious 10/10

copy copy copy

he copyed salad fingers stop im