Reviews for "Banana Fingers EP.4"


i liked this one the best out of the whole banana fingers series. the ending was a little strange, but other than that, i loved it. keep up the good work!


"U CAN'T MAKE FUN OF SALID FINGERS" Hehe, and you can't spell! Au contraire, you can make fun of anything! And this episode (by far the best) proves that. My only criticism is the Seinfeld scene. It just seemed out of place. Banana Fingers IV had my laughing sooooo hard! Keep up the good work sir.


I love how long it is, Banana Fingers' voice, the black guy at the end, the 'marriage', the finding France, the Seinfeld, the breaking up with a man for having 2 air fresheners, and the opera singing.


This movie rocked! It was amazing! Im adding this to my favorites.


LOL!!! this is one of the funniest cartoons ever!! and it goes for ages wich is pretty awsome. i love the randomness. great job and keep up the good work.