Reviews for "Banana Fingers EP.4"

it wasnt too bad

he is so gd annoying when he talks... but atleast he doesnt talk like that faggot reginald in you are a fukin moron... you cant make fun of jerry from seinfeld when bannana fingers talks like a fuckin retard.. it was funny when i saw the kid with the big eyes though... the end was disturbing. and if you watch in the seinfeld part it looks like he is grabbing at the monkeys ass. it wasnt so gay like 1 and 2... 3 was too short.. it wasnt the best thing ever but it was alright.

Its ok

Well, to be honest, this wasnt the best cartoon ever. It was a cheap ripoff of Salad Fingers. But i enjoyed the part of Seinfeld... it was funny.
Anyways. I wouldn't say it was the worst, but again, it wasn't the best, it has room for improvement. Though the ending was disturbing. Anyways, it wasn't bad, 6/10.

lol awsome

haha too bad there aint a 11 for humor

You sad....

That is it, im done watching bannana fingers and having to rate it 0

Too funny!

OMG! I luv the way banana fingers talks! LOL! "Kinda feels like jello!", "my friend hubert cucemberdale... is gunna go 2 jail...for being ugly!" Ha, ha! 2 me dats just funny!