Reviews for "Dead Vlei"


That was a perfect build you had at the beginning. This is some classic D&B. I wish I wasn't on my laptop so I could hear the bass. Can't wait to get home to my nice speakers.

Well done indeed.

Lapse responds:

Thanks man. Glad you dig. Yeah, there's some alright bass to this track : D
Especially during about the middle, some sliding basses, Mm-Mm. Get home!

Thanks for the review.

Aphex Twin like

You should reaaaally put this song on your Demo if you're planning a career, it is actually incredible, keep up the work man, it's reminding me Rubber Johnny :)

Lapse responds:

Heh, I'm trying to get a career going! This would definitely be one that i would throw on there. Unless even better tracks were to come out when i decided to try and get signed! : D

You know, i was actually thinking about calling this track "Wasteland Survival Guide" or "The Wastes". I'm a bit ashamed that i've never played anything previous to the Fallout series then the third one. I've been thinking about trying to find 1 and 2. Really amazing game - I'm still playing 3.


this is realy Great. like realy .. it reminds me of aphex twin. Dude im not joking this is realy great keep up the good work .... usualy i dont listen to the whole song but yours i did and its just realy realy good

Lapse responds:

Thats awesome man. It's good to hear. I understand where you're coming from. A lot of the time i dont find myself listening to the the whole song, skimming through to the good stuff. I try and make just about every second enjoyable to listen to : D