Reviews for "Beez"

Anything bizarre and scary is win.

Was this done in ink or graphite?

ShawnCoss responds:

0.5 mm mechanical pencil

This is very unique and original. I would love to see some of your drawings put into movies.

ShawnCoss responds:

Me too!

I like it alot :3
when I see it I think of a fucked up
pinsir from pokemon xDD
awesome work ?
you should defiently consider droping the capra demon (from dark souls )
I would love to see what you could do with that

I find this creepy, darker art to be very inspiring. I was actually very impressed with the texturing and general styling.

Keep the good stuff coming.

so sick! love every one of your drawings, you ever noticed your signature looks like it says "shit" in this drawing?

ShawnCoss responds:

No but that is a hilarious find! I always say my work is shit so maybe it's subconscious.