Reviews for "Mario Fighters"


Well, it wasn't bad, but it wasn't like the best. I think it might actually look better as a webcomic if you could pull that off. I mean, since there's no speech involved or anything it would almost be a decent one. Other than that, I think you should keep working and aim higher. So keep it up, man.


What was you thinking? No action, lame story, retarted sound. How low can you go. God im going to go watch the Matrix still has you again.

DaxFire responds:

have fun

I wish this was better

look here are some tips get more sprites make the music change after a while i mean the du du du da da da was annoying and you need better lines when your guys talk i almost fell asleep! but i know your better now so go and remake this please


this movie was a bit boreing and long and not much of a plot.Also the thing you said is wrong not all flash makers make movies make it to get rich just about all of them don't make a dime.

DaxFire responds:

Actually we all make money off our movies. Except the guys that suck.

Oh, dear god...

Cripes, man, work on... everything. Your movie was long and boring. The only thing I could like about your movie was the effort, and even that was wasted.

Not a thing in there was funny. I could make something better in 2 days. Seriously.

DaxFire responds:

then go do that instead of sitting here and talking about it. I'd like tah see this.