Reviews for "Mario Fighters"


Loved it enough to keep it around thanx for the entry maybe try adding voices but that all depends on if u feel like sorta changin the style of things a bit the music was kewl tho good and thanx


good man, try and improve some.

Nice work.

This is probably one of the best Mario parodies ever (aside from the Rise of the Mushroom Kingdom series). Dax is right, people are in it for the money these days. I'm glad to see a flash artist that's only in it for the fun. Nice work, I hope to see more submissions by this artist.

hehehe good movie man

omfg this movie was great man i liked everything about it (hehe freak gasoline fight accident way to copy zoolander).

DaxFire responds:


Are u saying that greedyness is BAD?????

we live in a world controled by greddy flash makers and professional flash makers..... WHO CARES!!!!!!! AS LONG AS U MAKE A FLASH, WE DON'T CARE IF YOUR GRANDPA MAKES FLASHES (no insult ment) we really don't care.

DaxFire responds:

you care enough to write a review