Reviews for "Mario Fighters"


very good work considering it was made frame by frame


Haha, Nice little excuse you used there Dax. And that McVanson thing... what the f*** we all know your real name is P** S*** (I won't reveal it).

The story, pretty funny but I really hated the animation. I know you only made it in one day but, an animation is meant for joy or to hold people in suspense not knowing what will be next etc.

I'm in the mood for writing REALLY long reviews right now ;) Talk to ya soon.

DaxFire responds:

1 day? 6 months! The storys true dude! All I did in the day was add music and the opener! And none of these people know my real name...I mean...my real name is Dax...

That was good

that was pretty good! um if you were 11 years old when you made this and George Bush was in it...How old are you now?

DaxFire responds:

That info's probably like in my profile...


The graphics and animation sucked, and like the guy before me, the looping music P***ed me off. But, the idea was original and the ending was classic; a very important part of the movie. But seriously: next time, try to make the animation a little better.


that was a good ass movie nice work.