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Reviews for ".Traffic Lightz"

tight song

sick lyrics, this is going on my ipod for sure :) keep it up you guys got talent

no stoppin

not bad ey

keep goin

you guys are sick.
keep contributin' to the portal cuz u guys give some nice diversity.
love the song!
what program did u guys use to record your voices and make the music?

Murdaa responds:

we got this beat from Smurfbeatz and we used cooleditpro 2 to record using a mic we got for 120$ o.o


i usually HATE rap but i loved this amazing...

Murdaa responds:

xD i love these kinda reviews xD Hiphop will be reborned

Hell yeah

You guys have a voice and didn't waste it on the things most mainstream people do. Thanks for making real music; real poetry.

Murdaa responds:

;DD thx man appreciate the review! some people here just dont understand