Reviews for "Eternal Sin - The Conquest"

Supurb work!

Easily one of your best. But the way the guitars were kind of more Heavy metal than Black. It kinda needs more aggression and attack, unless you were going for more of an marching kinda thing than you did great on it. I really love the part around 2:30, has a real great feel to it. But I'd have to say my favorite part part about your music is your vocals, I can't tell how you get it like that, I can tell it's multi-layered, but I can't quite figure it out. Well anyways Awesome job, keep it up!

Goatchrist responds:

Yeah, it's a more heavy metal-esque song, mainly due to the Bathory influence I reckon. But it's a fitting closing track for my upcoming release :)

Thanks for the nice review man :)

truly an experience

wow, this one surely kicked my butt! great, thick riffs with lots of atmosphere and bombastic sounds. especially the ending was heavyasfuck!

keep up the good work dude!!

Goatchrist responds:

Awesome review, glad you enjoyed it so much :)

nice work

the music is great, very well paced, i liked the introduction and the instrumental build up. i know you say youre 'letting the riffs and the leads do the talking' but still i wish the vocals wernt quite so buried in the mix, especially when considering the improved production on everything else in the recording. you have a good vocal style and decent lyrics, you should show it off a bit more. still, a quality track.

Goatchrist responds:

You know, if you listen to all 5 songs I have written for this release in the right order, this is purely intentional. The other songs have louder, faster paced and more aggressive vocal parts and this one serves more as a contrast for the other ones, you know?

Thanks a lot for the helpful review dude.

I like it!

I'm not normally into this genre of music but I liked this song. It's very dark and moody. Great work. ~Cheers.

Goatchrist responds:

Thanks a lot man, glad you liked it! Especially since this is normally not your type ^^


Pretty damn cool, good fellow. Reminds me of Children of Bodom a tiny bit.

Goatchrist responds:

Interesting comparison ^^ thanks for the nice review man