Reviews for "Robauthor"

It's cool to think "is the robot actually smoking a pipe or is the pipe just part of him and the smoke is actually steam that's coming from the robot?" Hey, it says "Spill your thoughts" *shrug* Anywayy...
Image looks excellent, the amount of detail the author himself really impressed me.

waaaah i love his hat O: and everything else of course

The ONLY thing I don't like about it is the robot's positioning. While I'm all about going for the 3/4th's law, and tasteful artistic positioning, the border cutting off the robot at the shoulder seems like a mishap that was just sort of coped with. Even if the robot and the typewriter were nudged over closer to the coffee cup in the middle, nothing would have been lost, and we would have gained dimension to our Robo Author. Maybe even seen more of a chair that he's sitting on.

The occupation of black in one corner and the void of it in the opposite corner seems a little imbalancing too. I genuinely like the black shading all throughout the author and his things, but in the bottom left, it's a spot here, a spot there, and a good lookin' ink bottle. Missed opportunities for depth, or playing off of the Robo Author's lamp lightsource for that big coffee mug in the foreground, or that opened, face-down book in the bottom left.

The monochrome style is awesome, and very Noir. I dig everything, but it could just use some balance to get it that perfect 10 from me.

Keep up the great work!

geez! i wish i could draw or colore like this!

nice work! its splendid! no mistakes at all!

jeez nice schedule, bro