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Reviews for "(2004) Kolors of KlayCity"

Hi -knox-

I love your movies but all mine is banned :'(

but you get all ten

knox this is great

hey knox great job your clay movies this was an awesome one keep up the good work man, and its amazing what you can make with clay huh? good luck with the movie!

how do u do that

really knox how the hell do u do that its amazing i live in edmonton and theres a church called knox ur a god so plz tell me cause its my birthday ummmmmmmmmmmbahhhh and ur funny and its a boggiemonster how do u make them talk like that its so cool

once again you dazzle me

Knox you continue to dazzle me with your wonderful work. To be honest, I couldnt hear anything wrong at all with the sound with the possible exception of when the clay guy says shhhhpbbbbt . Anyways, I give you 10 on graphics, cause the animation counts too man and it looks like those clay men are fo rizzle fo shizzle man! the style is 10. Its totally like real life, what with people going you know? like I just wanna - yeah i -you sure? and whatnot... none of that timing crap its just like real life! 10 on sound i swear i couldnt find nothin wrong not much interactivity cept the preloader, and I gave you a 10 on humor for obvious reasons.... "weeeee, im flying" "youre flying" "im way up in the sky" "weeeee" LOLZERZ! and overall 10 man. The is FREAKIN SWEET. I would appreciate it if you responded to this, as (and im sure you hear this everday but still) I'm SO your biggest fan, and you inspired me to make animations of me own! I read that thing bout funnyjunk on yer site and that kinda makes me pissed... I'd be glad to make a cartoon showing how stupid funnyjunk is (only if you write the script ;) ) ... wow this is longer than I expected... well plz reply... keep up the good work! -aspiring webmaster, DaDood


im going to start giving long reviews for your movies. but you may not even read them so o well!!

Wow the graphics are much better!! A 10 from me - it's not pixelised. Wooo

You created this style, don't leave it!!

Its good quality, but im going to rate it on the voice acting. Your amazing at voice acting (10/10) but the quality is about 6/10. So its between that. The sound is perfect as it sounds like loads of people are there and they don't know the lines.. but its just you. Lol but eep.. yep, its kompressed (can you see the K!). SFX are cool iswell.

Aww.. he presented him with a rose, and he pulls out an axe! O no! And the axe and rose look perfect. :)

Well its got a preloader.

This is funnier than Part 2. This is about the same as your dubbing, so it has to be a 10! 11/10!! Lol. I love the bit before the phone rings! "Wee im way up in the sky..." BOM! Boogie monster rocks iswell. Heheh. But his teeth are outside of his gums.. what a wierdo. Hes a boogie monster, not a boogie man, or a monster.

Even though there are alot of 10s, its not an average. The salad klay episode deserves a 10;

Wow this has taken ages to write, so please try and read and please reply!! :(:(:(:(:(

Knox responds:

haha glad you enjoyed! i dunno if my movies deserve long reviews,but thanks! :)