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Reviews for "(2004) Kolors of KlayCity"


its really amazing how u can turn some crappy clay into a movie that appeals to the masses


Blues:idiots Reds:idiots Greens:bigger idiots
yay brian with an axe! =D And your upkoming movie: "klay world off the table" looks sweet!
I saw the trailer alot. BOGIEMONSTER *ring ring* Please make more klaymations!


"Hey Brian! Hey Brian!" "Go away! I'm doing some thing!"


Whoa! The Boogiemonster made a comeback! Congrats to him and his hope for peace among the Klay people!


Allright! You put the boogimonster in an other movie good for you!
But I wonder why he was able to talk in complete sentences this time? Ow-well a desition for the better I gess.