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Reviews for "(2004) Kolors of KlayCity"


Those blue guys are either racist or peace haters.

I'm a little upseat to see that green and red klay men are no
longer in your klaymations. PLEASE PUT THE REDS AND GREENS BACK!!!!!

Also in your early 2003 movies you had YELLOW klaymen
what happened to them?

Knox Rox! :)


its just a big waste of....AAAAAaaaaaaaaaah

Another great knox flash

yea i remember seeing this and now i get to review it!

Kick Ass Movie!

Funny Movie. This is one of your best. =)

"You changed your voice!" =D

Can't help noticing that you no longer have red and green clay people.


You rule!!!

Uhhh, I wanted to review ghost footage, but it is holding me for a review i wrote March 11, 2004!!!!!!It was good, like everything else, and uhhhhhh.....KLAY RULES!!!! And with ghost footage, did you copy switch or did he....?