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Reviews for "(2004) Kolors of KlayCity"


Lolz....racism is funny....and so r hate crimes. WEEEEEEEEE. As alwasy very good clay-mation and wonderful and captivation voice acting, lolz. GJ

Once again...

You amaze me. Great stuff!

My god you kick ass...

Holy shit Knox, you just keep gettin better and fuckin' better. Power to ya' you sexy monster of klay moldin' goodness......that sounds wrong.

Fight the power

Fuckin' Awesome

I fuckin love this shit....lol, It's so stupid it's funny. I think my one-line summary tells you exactly what I think of your movie :)...keep up the good work...Peace, Dave


It was kool and you should keep going. By the way, if jblizzard117 is readin this, are you jackie, from carmen and brandon.