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Reviews for "(2004) Kolors of KlayCity"

go away Im doing something

that was awesome!your stuff rules!iI watch em like everyday,and the return of the boggiemonster was awesome,he should try a real trumpet next time ;) lol

Its things like this that cause civil wars....

Gwahahah! The return of the Boogiemonster was a plus, and if you don't know what a boogiemonster is, go watch the Flash, you infidel! Anyway, a good solid (albeit long) flash. Keep chuckin em out knox!


Another knox masterpiece!This was awsome!Too bad about the sound though,i cant give you a 10 in that,lol,even though i didnt notice any difference.=P Time to go see pt.2!Keep up the awsome work!



kool knox!!!!!

knox has done it again

u r definitely 1 of the best