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Reviews for "-Beast-"


clean man

Two-Shekel responds:

lol thx man


Awesome beat

Hip hop's not always my genre of choice, but this is one awesome little beat. It's steady enough that it wouldn't overshadow the vocals if vocals were added over it, but it's got a groove to it that makes sure that it doesn't get boring. I found my head nodding along with it within the first thirty seconds, and I think it continued to nod through the entire song. That's definitely a great sign!

9 - Highly recommended

Two-Shekel responds:


still a first draft tho

Sick beat man

Great beat man, I love the flow of the strings, to me happened the same thing as walrusgod down there, i keep nodding to this beat ehehe keep it up!
Check my shit out if you want

Two-Shekel responds:

thx man


Hot. The breaks keep it fresh. Good job man.

Two-Shekel responds:


yeah i tried to use them that way